Our company, with the business name Olive Gardens, is a collaboration of people with diverse knowledge and experiences but with one common goal. To bring to the consumer the traditional Greek table olive that retains the maximum content of its nutrients and it is the closest possible to its natural form.

Our team specialises in the local variety ‘Plum Olive’ and delivers a product of integrated handling, from cultivation to final packaging.

Plum Olive

It all starts in our fields where the experience in the pruning, the fertilising and the harvesting of the fruit was passed down from generation to generation, adding each time knowledge and the new findings provided by studies and researches on the olive growing domain.

From there, the fruit is transferred to our facilities where it is sorted and placed in barrels with brine where it stays for several months.

The last stage is the packaging in different ways according to customer wishes.


Equally important for us is the research field on the nutritional value of the olive.

In association with the Agricultural University of Athens and private laboratories, we carry out studies and analyses of the product.

As a result, you have on your table not only a delicious, remarkable olive but also a product of high nutritional value.


Our company, with the business name Olive Gardens, is a collaboration of people with diverse knowledge and experiences but with one common goal to bring to the consumer the traditional Greek table olive.

The Plum Olive

The ‘Plum Olive’ is the revival of a very old Greek variety of olive. It is even thought to be a descendant of the ancient Greek variety Orchas or Orchemon, found in the writings of ancient Greek authors.

Its systematic cultivation started and flourished in the Argolis region and eastern Arcadia on the coast of the Argolic Gulf. It is a tree that produces the largest size olive (it can reach up to 20gr per olive and locally it is known as ‘Gaidourelia’).
Plum Olives have a very particular shape and flavour with strong aroma and rich flesh.

We collect the best fruit from our olive groves in Mycenae and Velanidia of Argos. Our farms have been classified by the Greek State Charters as high in environmental value. We cultivate organically with total respect to the environment, but we also offer Plum Olives of conventional cultivation through collaborations with local producers.

Our olives are prepared the old, traditional way. Without chemical additives, we leave the fruit with the water, salt and the time necessary for the olives to be fermented naturally. The debittering is achieved without the use of soda which is why for several months the olives stay in our barrels with little but precious interference (secrets of the family tradition).
When the process is completed, we deliver to you a unique, traditional Greek product with a distinctive flavour.


Knowledge and experience are the main components if one wants to provide the consumer with a high-quality product. The various analyses come to verify the results of our efforts. In this category you will find the studies, the nutritional value and the benefits to the human body by the consumption of the precious olive fruit.


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